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Why Hire Me?

There are four distinguishing trademarks about my pet sitting business: 

1) I always try to overlap the paid sit by spending an additional day in the pet owner's home, learning the pet's routines and becoming familiar with their personality traits, thereby helping them to trust me.


2) I intentionally stay at home with your pets for the first few days of the sit, building a bond of trust and a level of relaxation with them. I commit to a long daily walk with dogs and a lot of TLC with all pets.


3) I keep detailed notes about your pets and review them with you after your return. I also take pictures of your pets on a walk or engaged in play with me and send them to you every couple of days. That way, you and your beloved pets are assured that they are being looked after in the most caring way possible. 


4) I have a homemade hot meal waiting for the homeowners upon their return. Especially after a long flight or drive away from home, I've found that this is greatly appreciated by owners.



My mission is to gain the trust and affection of your pets, allowing them to relax and release

any anxiety in your absence. 



Pets and owners have become my friends all over the world and we reconnect each time they need to travel.

I look forward to every encounter!

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